They are no longer police: Why Ferguson reminds us that America is not exceptional

i’m having a hard time with the ferguson crisis and what it represents in our country. as a white person i am aware of my inherent privilege and because of that i often don’t know how to go about dealing with this in a way that is productive and proactive rather then just an exercise of that privilege.

despite that, i think this article highlights some important associations about what ferguson means regarding the current state of our country, particularly within the international framework. hyper-militarization in america has been happening since the protests against the vietnam war yet americans largely view it as a problem that other nations experience. while the racial implications of ferguson are, by far, most pressing and troublesome, i think this incident has created the space for an even bigger dialogue to occur



in America, black people are being gunned down simply for being alive, gay people can’t get married/can’t get jobs, politicians say women are asking for rape, trans people are being murdered every day, Middle Easterns are suspected to be terrorists, white men are defended for shooting up schools, teenage boys are building bombs to murder family and schoolmates and yet people still have the audacity to say this is the land of the free

Holy shit.

reading it all in one place amplifies the volume of work that needs to be done. anyone who is being complacent is doing a disservice to us all